PowerPoint Praise



These are PowerPoint presentations you can download.  The are automated slide shows with complete lyrics along with some graphics, animations, and video to encourage worship.


I hate when I can't join my friends in worship because I don't know the lyrics.  If we praise together, we encourage oneness.  Never assume everyone knows the lyrics.


You need:

Microsoft PowerPoint 97

The song on CD (we list which artist and version we used).  I don't want to get into royalties, copyrights, and such right now.


Insert the audio CD.  Usually Microsoft CD Player will launch.  Stop this and close CD Player program.  Run PowerPoint and load the .ppt file.  Begin the slide show.   The slide show will automatically run the song.


Demo Size PowerPoint 97 file Song Size
ciaintro.exe 3.6 MB CIA Intro.ppt Petra

Petra Praise 2

I Waited For The Lord

165 K