Expert Development Manager and database administrator with strong systems background and specialist in system reliability and performance turnarounds.

Active Server Pages (ASP) 2+ years, Active Server ( <1 year, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 3+ years, Data Access Objects (DAO) 7+ years, Database Administrator (DBA) 9+ years, Internet Information Services (IIS) 3+ years, Management 9+ years, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 10+ years, Oracle 2+ years, SQL 9+ years, SQL Server 5+ years, SQR 2+ years, Transact SQL (T-SQL) 4+ years, Visual Basic 6.0 8+ years, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 10+ years, Visual ( <1 year



Confidential Company Discount furniture chain with 40 locations nationwide             2004-

Manager of Systems Development / Database Administrator in code base of over 250,000 lines of code that integrates several database systems using more than 33 custom programs including an operationally critical Point Of Sale (POS) application.

ü      Systems Engineering

·         Wrote web system for, reducing time human resources spent in applicant tracking process.

·         Identified and corrected a problem in legacy code that had gone unnoticed for two years that was causing 5% of all transactions to be lost.

·         Eliminated date/time fraud in POS by programming interface between Visual Basic and centralized ASP timekeeping server using XML.

·         Administered four SQL Servers and one IBM U/2 database server.

·         Wrote interfaces between ASP and Component Object Model (COM+) objects.

·         Lead on project that replaced verbal sales call-in process with automatically published, standardized company-wide P&L style report on daily sales activity, increasing timeliness and accuracy.

·         Maintained multiple intranet websites in ASP.

·         Programmed automated database tune-up utility that virtually eliminated Access database corruption, increasing store up time.

·         Added e-mail notifications and auditing using Internet Information Services’ (IIS) Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) SMTP in numerous nightly processes eliminating the need for costly Outlook licenses.

·         Planned and supervised development of merchandise transfer and purchasing programs that automated merchandise handling processes.

·         Created countless ad-hoc reports and production Crystal Reports for both SQL Server stored procedures and Microsoft Access.

·         Geocoded customer and store locations for business development.

·         Wrote complex Transact-SQL (T-SQL)/stored procedures with advanced features such as cursors, loops, transactions, and case logic.

·         Wrote views, functions, and triggers in Transact-SQL (T-SQL) for SQL Server 2000.

·         Increased efficiency of Visual Basic and stored procedures system-wide.  Several applications realized increases in speed over 500%.

·         Developed new centralized WAN-based program that reduced paperwork and time to do physical counts.  This program was so intuitive the users required no training.  This program also eliminated a tedious manual late-night file transfer process required by the previous physical count program, freeing IT personnel for more important duties.

·         Wrote and maintained automated regression testing scripts in Rational Robot.

·         Reduced memory usage, size, and other overhead in core applications that saved company from having to buy hundreds of new computers.

·         Repaired several instances of massive SQL Server database corruption.

·         Set up, tested, and optimized SQL Server 2005 for ERP application.

·         Consolidated three intranet services, each on its own server, into one server, reducing maintenance time and costs using virtual web sites.

·         Decreased bandwidth usage of one remote WAN application by 550% by SQL query optimization and increasing use of stored procedures.

·         Designed custom icons, graphics, and animations for applications.

·         Designed, set up, and maintained multiple SQL Servers including a clustered server.

·         Transferred data between remote Access databases under tight timelines.

·         Maintained and managed MAS ERP system including panel customization and complex upgrade to new version.

·         Managed source code through Visual Studio Source Safe.

·         Created and monitored scheduled jobs for automated processing in both SQL Server Agent and Visual Basic programs.

·         Optimized ADO code for faster and more efficient data processing.

·         Migrated complete live production SQL Server 7.0 system to a new SQL Server 2000.

·         Debugged and repaired legacy code freeing users to work on genuine auditing and loss prevention issues and reducing Help Desk calls 85%.


ü      Management

·         Interviewed, trained, and supervised two junior programmers on various projects.

·         Managed and executed projects through the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

·         Led technical team in migration of company’s entire systems to Storis ERP.

·         Planned and offered internal training class in Microsoft Access.

·         Triaged bug reports and project requests for myself and junior developers.

·         Handled emergencies while keeping users updated on project timeline changes.

·         Led technical team on Toshiba / Questys document management project.

·         Developed company’s IT policy.


ü      Network Engineering

·         Set up spam filtering on Exchange server at no cost to company using block list services.

·         Back up to Help Desk including on-call duties.

·         Installed and maintained Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), reducing deskside support time.

·         Identified network bottlenecks and designed and implemented corrections.

·         Mitigated and repaired major virus outbreak in stores in a few hours after days of failed attempts by network engineer.

·         Enhanced network security including identifying and stopping unauthorized use of e-mail server by spammers (was an open relay).


Integra Solutions Heathcare revenue cycle management                                                           2002-2004

Visual Basic / Crystal Reports Database Developer on extensive custom in-house system with over 120,000 lines of code in 20 applications and more than 50 simultaneous users.

bulletSaved company $10’s of thousands through automation and process improvements.
bulletWrote over 7,000 new lines of code.
bulletIdentified and corrected over 600 program bugs from legacy code.
bulletWrote complex SQL using Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) for more programmatic control of Access databases.
bulletDeveloped easy-to-use integrated launching program for company’s Crystal Reports.
bulletIncreased performance of some applications by more than 300%.
bulletDeveloped (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) HIPAA compliance practices.
bulletSuccess rate of 99.9% on initial testing of new projects and changes before rollout.
bulletAutomated many technical tasks.
bulletChanged company expectations of programmer from firefighter to developer.
bulletReduced time to add a new client from three weeks to four hours.
bulletCentralized many operations, reducing maintenance and licensing costs.
bulletLed user group meetings to discuss changes and new systems.
bulletIntegrated systems with client systems using EDI.
bulletWorked independently to transform business requirements into functional and technical objects.
bulletReduced disk, memory, and network usage system-wide.
bulletAdded stability and auditing into many systems.
bulletImplemented systems to improve user productivity.
bulletRewrote all legacy code with standard code.
bulletDeveloped automated e-mail application using Outlook objects.
bulletRewrote applications to enable multi-processor ability on servers with none of my predecessors had been able to do.
bulletCut monthly reporting time from two weeks to a few hours.
bulletDeveloped numerous reports in Crystal Reports 7 and 9.  Company president was so impressed that samples of these reports are now used in all sales presentations.


Simon Marketing/Cyrk World’s largest toy manufacturer                                              2000-2002

Information Systems Development Administrator

bulletDeveloped e-commerce solutions for order entry system.
bulletSupervised junior programmer on numerous projects.
bulletDocumented and maintained EDI system.  Rewrote slow EDI update process thereby increasing speed 45,000%.
bulletCoded extensively in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
bulletAdministered SQL Server 7.0.
bulletBeta tested new warehouse software from PSC.
bulletAuthored interfaces to client systems including extensive error-checking procedures.
bulletClarified warehouse operations and defined and standardized terminology.
bulletLed client meetings to determine system needs.
bulletDesigned and supported numerous Microsoft Access reports.
bulletTested changeover to new T1 line and installed and tested new ISDN terminator.
bulletWrote testing tool for Internet connection with logging providing a reliability report on web vendor.
bulletRe-programmed many forms for simplicity of use and data entry error reduction.
bulletImproved company’s shipping technology by discovery meetings with UPS and other shipping vendors.
bulletTested web order systems.
bulletManaged more than 10 databases, many of which were interdependent.
bulletMaintained servers including extensive backup and restore procedures.
bulletOrchestrated upgrade to new UPS shipping system including extensive changes to code in interfacing systems.
bulletDocumented systems process flow and interfaces using Visio and BPwin.
bulletHandled automated replication between two SQL Servers in two cities.
bulletAssisted users in interfacing with technology vendors that had little business analysis experience.
bulletResponded to and prioritized multiple work requests from the user community.
bulletDiagnosed and fixed programmatic errors in Access VBA applications.
bulletCleaned up data entry errors and wrote new procedures and logic to eliminate them.
bulletWrote many complicated SQL procedures to change and update data.
bulletAudited security on database systems.
bulletWorked with high-profile clients such as Chevron, Disney, Hallmark, Kraft, and McDonald’s.
bulletRecreated data accidentally deleted by users using history logs.
bulletTechnical lead on migration to NaVision Advanced Distribution ERP.


Spherion/Norrell Four billion dollar strategic workforce management company                       1998 - 2000

Peoplesoft Financials Developer

bulletServed as lead developer on conversion from PeopleSoft to Ross Financials of over $4 billion of accounts payable (AP) information.
bulletEngineered 100+ user Access database from initial request to full adoption to track PeopleSoft, Y2K, and weekly payroll work requests through the entire software development lifecycle. Earned merit award and received special commendation from peers and management for this project.
bulletDaily production support and troubleshooting for PeopleSoft applications including batch processing, reports, menus, and PeopleTools in a Unix environment.
bulletDeveloped SQR SQL procedures from the ground up.
bulletEnhanced Microsoft Access programs using ActiveX controls.
bulletLearned and maintained heavily customized PeopleSoft Billing/AR system.
bulletAutomated manual Access processes in multiple databases using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
bulletSecured Access database to the control level using Visual Basic.
bulletMade panel and menu changes to PeopleSoft.
bulletDeveloped Access front-end to monitor Oracle back-end databases, automatically sending email and alpha pages to alert on-call personnel of system problems.
bulletOn call duties included system-wide support of PeopleSoft Financials application.
bulletEnhanced PeopleSoft Billing and Accounts Receivable (AR) systems including EDI.
bulletConverted and recoded Access 2.0 database in conversion to Access 97 (8.0).
bulletUsed Access Developer’s Toolkit (ADT) and Office Developer’s Edition (ODE) to make run time versions (mde’s) of Access.
bulletWorked with a team on development, upgrade, and conversion projects.
bulletDemonstrated proficiency in data mapping process during complex conversion and development projects.
bulletDocumented current and future systems using Visio.
bulletRemediated Access databases using SPEED Ferret.
bulletLinked Access front-end applications to PeopleSoft/Oracle back-end using ODBC.
bulletAutomated importing and exporting of Excel and text files in Access.
bulletCoded extensively in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
bulletDeveloped custom graphics, icons, and animations for Access applications.
bulletLed user discussions on changes and new systems.
bulletCompleted three-month PeopleSoft Y2K survey and coding. Worked as a team to inventory and correct date issues in all PeopleSoft code system wide.


InterClaim Public adjusting insurance firm of 30 employees                                        1992 – 1998

Access / FileMaker Pro Developer and Technical Manager

bulletModernized and computerized multiple offices in different cities.
bulletManaged research team of five employees.
bulletSet up new office with company’s systems.
bulletDeveloped centralized database system to record and track insurance losses and report sales activity.
bulletWrote and established database application to inventory customer items lost and damaged.
bulletCoded numerous applications in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
bulletGeocoded clients to produce more relevant references for sales force using GIS.
bulletQuadrupled sales leads in one month using better research techniques.
bulletAutomated many manual tasks using FileMaker Pro and Access including sales hot sheet to help sales manager track sales activity.
bulletMigrated office from LANtastic network to Windows NT 4.0. Designed, purchased, installed, and maintained Windows NT 4.0 network.
bulletSupported users who had networking and software issues.
bulletDesigned web strategy and company Internet site including custom graphics and animation.